Addison Ryder

Before she shared her trademark outie pussy with an adoring public, Addison Ryder, also known as Davina Davis, was just a good, little cheerleader from Providence. She never stepped out of line, she worked hard in school, and she always said thank you, but after turning eighteen Miss Ryder grew tired of the whole girl-next-door act. She dropped her virginity to some rando at prom, packed up her pom-poms, and set off on her journey to become porn's next big hit. Tight, toned, and flexible, this athletic cutie has the perfect body for porn, and it's all thanks to an intense fitness regimen that includes trapeze, aerial skills, pole fitness, and Krav Maga. Addison has worked hard for her stunning physique, and she's been generous enough to share her flat stomach and slender thighs with the world. So let's all thank Miss Ryder for her tireless efforts by watching every last one of her high-energy, jaw-dropping scenes.

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